How a Criminal Attorney Can Help You Beat a DUI Charge?

If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI), you’ll need the services of an experienced DUI Defense Attorney. This is a common charge in Illinois, and the officer who pulled you over might be under the impression that you’re impaired. Police officers may make accusations that you smell alcohol, have bloodshot eyes, or slurred speech. Although there are common signs of impairment, each case is unique and a skilled Chicago DUI Defense Attorney can help you beat your charges.

Before a DUI defense attorney can start fighting the case, law enforcement officials must first determine if there is probable cause for the arrest. This can be determined through observation of your demeanor, eye movements, balance, and behavior while driving. If a police officer has probable cause to arrest you, your Chicago DUI attorney will investigate this evidence and file a motion to dismiss the case based on lack of probable cause. If your defense attorney is successful, the case will be thrown out of court.

A DUI attorney can fight your case in court by presenting evidence of remorse, and that you have no intention of repeating the offense. In addition to remorse and showing remorse, a good DUI attorney can also present evidence of support from friends and family. They may be able to help you avoid losing your driving privileges and save your life. However, this is not a guarantee. Your case may be dismissed, or you may even be sent to jail.

While a DUI conviction can result in varying fines and jail time, it is crucial to consult a skilled attorney immediately. A DUI charge can have devastating consequences, so it is vital to hire an experienced Chicago DUI defense attorney. A good DUI attorney will challenge the evidence that led to the arrest and question the officer’s credibility and test accuracy. A good DUI defense attorney will make sure that the evidence is gathered properly and that the prosecutor can prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

An experienced Chicago DUI defense attorney will use the best strategy to get you a clean record and clear your name. A skilled Chicago DUI attorney can use the Ktenas law to put the odds in your favor. The firm is made up of a team of experienced advocates who will aggressively pursue the best possible outcome for their clients. If you have been arrested for DUI, it’s essential to contact a Chicago DUI attorney immediately. You won’t regret the decision. Click here for details.

While a DUI offense may seem simple, it is an extremely serious crime. Even a middle class, law-abiding citizen can become a criminal if charged with DUI. Because mistakes occur more often than criminal intent, the punishment can be extremely harsh. In addition to the financial consequences, you will lose your driver’s license and face societal stigma. A Chicago DUI attorney will fight the evidence that the prosecution relies on to convict you.


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