Things To Consider When Finding a Good Tax Levy Lawyer

When selecting a tax levy attorney, consider whether they can answer your questions via email or video chat. This way, you can avoid the hassle of traveling to their office. Emailing them all your supporting documentation can also help them review your case quickly. If you feel uncomfortable using email, mail the original documents instead. In addition, you should check their credentials and experience before hiring them. Some attorneys have more than one degree.

When considering tax levy attorneys, make sure they have extensive experience in dealing with IRS collection actions. IRS tax levy attorneys can help you negotiate payment terms with the agency. Often, they can delay the payment deadline by a few weeks. Once you agree to a payment plan with an attorney, you can make your payments over a period of time. If you cannot afford the entire debt amount right away, you can arrange monthly payments.

IRS tax levys are often the result of years of unpaid taxes. In many cases, you will receive several warnings and demand for payment. CP14, CP501, and CP503 are examples of these notices. If you have ignored any of these notices, expect to receive a CP504 tax levy notice. If you don’t pay your taxes, you could face a court case with the IRS.

In the event of a tax levy, the IRS will send you an official letter demanding that you pay up the debt. If you fail to pay the debt, the government will seize your property or assets as a means of payment. While this is unfortunate, you still have time to seek legal help. By hiring a qualified tax levy lawyer, you will have more time to repay your debt and avoid a tax levy.

When choosing a tax debt relief attorney, it is important to understand the cost of services. While many tax professionals are not attorneys, they are still competent and have specialized knowledge in tax law. These attorneys are more likely to know the ins and outs of tax law, and can negotiate the best resolution possible for your case. However, it is still important to consider the cost of hiring a tax debt relief attorney, especially if your tax debt is large.

While hiring a tax attorney is highly recommended, the price is often the determining factor. However, a competent tax debt relief attorney will provide you with a wealth of benefits. A tax attorney will protect your client’s confidential information, allowing you to provide accurate and complete information to the IRS. The benefits of hiring an attorney will far outweigh the cost. And if you don’t need an attorney to file a bankruptcy case, you can hire an enrolled agent to help you with your tax problem.


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